Saturday, May 25, 2013

In Memoriam: Rocky, the Lost Cat

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Lost and hungry I was
a cat barely more than one month old
Cold and afraid I was
in this world I hardly knew of

"Where is my mom?
Where am I?
Where is the sun?
I want to cry..."

and some hands found me
with food they fed me
in a box they put me
and finally I fell asleep

keep me inside they couldn't
but I had no worry
let me alone they wouldn't
here's a sister for me

we shared the box at night
we shared the food at day
we played in the beautiful park
we played under the plastic chairs

for me, Rocky the lost cat
they've found a new family
I couldn't believe that
I thought you are my family

       hush, our little one
       we have to leave you to better hands
       so ahead there would be brighter days
       for you, Rocky the lost cat

(second, fifth, and sixth pictures are @rainrina's; the rest are mine)


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