Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Brief of My Comeback in Fiction Writing and Margarita

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2011 was a remarkable year. I enjoy the fact that I've been in my way to come back writing fiction after the disastrous 2010, haha. I've been focused on fantasy, however, for it's been my passion since I was a little girl. I submitted my pieces to three short story contest: LMCR, 2011 Fantasy Fiesta, and Vandaria. I managed to be in the top 200, top 100, and top 3 consecutively. I actually participated in another contest, but I won nothing *gulp* so let's not talk about it ;)

From these contests, I met new people--most of them are young writers with strong passion in writing fantasy. Among their stories, I was most attracted to "Selamanya Bersamamu" written by Fachrul Razi. The piece has a strong character, which is a mad female villain trapping her so-called lover, Richter, in her very own realm of hell. This is how Fachrul's beloved Margarita illustrated by Reinhard Perkasa.

I bet NOW you can see why we adored her so much. Fachrul gave me a poster of this illustration when we first met at the 2011 Indonesian Readers Festival. If you want to know more about Margarita, then, please purchase this book (look below). Fachrul's "Selamanya Bersamamu" had the priviledge to be published in it with 17 others of the top contestants plus 3 of the judges.

I already have one, of course. Margarita's sister, Fachrul's yet another epic character Josephine Armster, would likely appear in the "coming soon" book compilation of Vandaria's top stories (probably 20 pieces as well?) with Melviola from my story which won the contest. Josephine Armster is unique but I still prefer Margarita in many ways. Therefore, I was so excited when Fachrul offered to make Margarita intervewed Melviola. Even in such a supposedly simple conversation, he could make one that was not less spine-chilling. No wonder he is called King Awesome, after all. Thank you, King!

Check the interview here.

Check Melviola's story here.


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