Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Comments [with spoilers]

Keywords: sci-fi, space opera, war
Audience: PG
Violent content: lots of fights (mild visualization)
Sexual content: none 

Star Wars is another old franchise with a long-awaited new movie released this year. In short, I think The Force Awakens (TFA) wouldn't disappoint the fandom, but it's not impressive either.

Before I proceed, I must tell you that I'm not a big fan of Star Wars (I like it, but I don't even remember much about the previous movies) and I'm not a Trekkie (I'm a Potterhead). If Rey didn't seem to be the next Jedi, I wouldn't have seen TFA this early.

You can call this post my comments of TFA instead of my review. It's just that random.
So here's pretty much the conflict of TFA: Everyone needed to find Luke Skywalker--the legendary Jedi. The First Order wanted to rule the universe and used Starkiller (a much bigger Death Star) to destroy resisting planets. The Resistance fought their way to sabotage Starkiller. This is Star Wars, so family drama is strong in this movie.


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