Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meanings of My Name by Urban Dictionary (Melody)

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I found it in the Urban Dictionary site. Well, I've cut the part mentioning "melody" to refer music stuffs.

1. The name of the most beautiful girl in the world.

2. A pretty, but very short asian girl who becomes a spaz (gugup) when she is near her friends. But everyone still loves her.

3. A girl so obsessed with her appearance she marries a plastic surgeon to guarantee a lifetime of free plastic surgery.

4. The cashier behind the counter often confused for a boy since her hair is short.

5. The awesomest sissy (banci) ever

6. Union of man and beast

7. The coolest most beautiful girl in the world. She gets like almost every single guy in the world, and knows how to do it too! she is sexy, and has the best style ever. Her name is music to every guys ears. She is practically friends with everyone and hates or dislikes no one. She is gorgeous inside and out, and has the most beautiful hair. She has a great family and lots of friends who all love her so much!

8. A skank (cewek sampah tukang ngobat) who wears clothes too tight for her.

9. A person who thinks she's hot but is not.


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