Friday, October 31, 2014

Rurouni Kenshin, The Legend (Should Not) Ends (Like This)

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Keywords: samurai, assassin, action, early Meiji
Audience: PG-13
Violent content: lots of fights and some blood
Sexual content: none

This is the third live-action movie for Rurouni Kenshin, and it is supposed to be the last. I'd heard some complains about how cheesy this movie is. That was half the reason why I didn't look forward to it as much as Kyoto Inferno. I can hardly remember a thing from the manga or anime. Even I can't recall the ultimate fight between Kenshin and Shishio very well, but Shishio's fire and his girlfriend's act of love. So I just hoped the movie would entertain me and Kenshin would win in a satisfying way.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rekomendasi Korea Indonesia Film Festival 2014 : Roaring Currents

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Keywords: naval battle, korea, japan, historical
Audience: PG-13
Violent content: lots of blood, beheaded heads
Sexual content: none

See Roaring Currents in Korea Indonesia Film Festival (October 23rd-28th, 2014)

I went to see Roaring Currents last night. It's a great movie about a legendary naval battle (South Korea vs Japan, 1597, find out more) with the Korean fleet led by Admiral Yi Sun Sin (Choi Min Sik). Somewhere in the middle of the movie I fell asleep (too much drama about whining soldiers), but the naval battle was so captivating. Admiral Yi is a beast, yet the movie pictures him very humanly. My favorite part is how the movie theme, "loyalty", gets wrapped up nicely in the end.

Admiral Yi was a leader prone to disobey order. Although he always did it to protect Joseon Kingdom, the chancellor was angered and sent him for torture. Soon the raging war required everyone to stand up for Joseon and Yi was once again an admiral. And once again, instead of following the chancellor's order, Yi led his fleet to do what he thought as imminent: to protect Myeongnyang Strait. He calculated, and later his spy confirmed, that a large Japan fleet was coming. "To give up on sea is to give up on land," said Yi (more or less). Being outnumbered by far, Yi's soldiers were full of doubt. Fear spread like virus while the enemy was approaching fast.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sindrom Asperger

For a reason, I translated some articles about Asperger's Syndrome to Indonesian (with a few adjustments). I simply think posting them will help some Indonesian parents who can't read English very well. If you are the owners of the articles and you want me to remove this post, please tell me.


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