Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rurouni Kenshin, Kyoto Inferno: To Be A Swordsman Is to Invigorate the Heart

Keywords: samurai, assassin, action, early Meiji
Audience: PG-13
Violent content: lots of fights and some blood
Sexual content: none

I went to see Kyoto Inferno last night, after half a year waiting in excitement. I wish Indonesia got earlier release, because August was so boring.

The plot is full-packed, as if they cram stories from at least 8-volumes manga into it. I don't mind. I love the humor. I enjoy the fights. I leave my cynical mind at home, wanting to see my childhood "friends" on screen without unnecessary disappointment. Unfortunately, those who know very little of Samurai X may find it difficult to follow so many characters and actions.

Some people might argue that Shishio's (the main villain) charisma overwhelm Kenshin (the main character). I disagree. When Shishio brags about his vision and principle, Kenshin's words cuts him firmly, "It wasn't you who draw blood for justice!" This one line reminds me that Kenshin's compassion and remorse are what make Samurai X a favorite, not only the good fights between the protagonists and the cool villains. Just like the motto of Kamiyakashin, to be a swordsman is "to invigorate the heart".

The casts are not perfect, but I think they are among the best for Live-Action of manga adaptation. My only complaint goes to Aoshi; this character looks like a broken machine and doesn't have any influence in Kyoto Inferno (maybe later, in Legend Ends). Sojiro Seta looks naive and dangerous at the same time, just as I expected, although the actor and make-up artist can do better. Sanosuke and Yahiko always entertain the audience; they remind me of a good play (theater performance) where the minor casts act perfectly even when they are not on the center of the stage.

The climax of 
Kyoto Inferno doesn't feel like the actual climax. I don't remember exactly what should happen after the end of Kyoto Inferno; it's been more than 10 years since I read the mangas. Luckily I just have to wait for one month to see Legend Ends. ^_^


  1. feels like there's something missing in kyoto infereno, my friend said. actually, i haven't watch it yet and no idea to watch too...


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