Monday, October 5, 2009

Atheist and Agnostic

We have to be careful in judging others. Some people believe that atheists are amoral. Just because they don’t believe in God’s existence, they are underestimated as atypical. The fact is, universal norms and values do exist, meanwhile religion is not the only source to learn them. Even if atheists think God does not exist and religion is a human-made dogma to handle fears and desperations, they do care about kindness. Another “anomaly” is agnostic.

Agnostics are not as fierce as the atheists. They’re just apathetic about God’s existence, and religion as well. Probably, they never consider to think about these issues. But once again, it doesn’t make them awful persons. They are humans—we are humans. We already have the mind and heart to be good. It’s our nature.

Both atheist and agnostic are not abstruse, if you spare your time to look at this world from their perspectives. Don’t call them abnormal, because abnormality is relative. When we think that they are abnormal, that’s exactly what they think about us too.

As long as they do no harm to us, we have no reason to abhor them, much less to abolish them. It’s much better if we can live side-by-side with people who have different perspectives since it would broaden your insight as well.

(in this article, we refer to those who believe in God and religion)


  1. i'm okay with agnostics or atheists as long as they don't bother me

    ya lakumdiinukum waliyadiin lah mel.
    tp bete kalau mereka udh mau maksa2 kita utk jd atheist jg. maksud gue, atheist kok misionaris? [question]

  2. thx 4 ur visit ^^

    jangan2 ateisme udah jadi "agama" baru? hehehe


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