Sunday, May 17, 2009

Starting My 20s

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less...

It was told by my senior (also Indonesian studies alum, thanks so much, i love this quote ^^). In fact, starting my 20s is chilling me. I've been through difficult times during my late teen ages. Now I'm 20 and have a bachelor degree title. I have to look for money and look for a way to pursue higher degree. And the most important thing is to look for my self-actualization!

My other senior told her friends about her being in the quarter life crisis. My friend told me about the disadvantages of being a woman. My lecturer told me about how adults might went crazy (literally!) due to their fiasco in life (esp. carrier and money). Damn, all of these stuffs make me goosebumps.

Another senior said that I'm too young to be right. Maybe he's right. Somehow my academic life has hampered me from growing up normally (I said me, so I'm not representing my whole friends with similar condition-those 20 year old holding a bachelor degree title). So I guess I need to take a break and start learning everything again...

Wish me luck ^^

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  1. Mel, actually I also experiencing the quarterlife crisis. Especialy now, it's as if I'm having the continuation of a somewhat delayed puberty. Because lots of issues, however trivial it looks, resurface in a manner and tempo of spewing vulcanic ash ^_^. Lately sometimes, i feel like a walking time bomb of angst and guilts.

    And for someone that says you're too young to be right, they're downright wrong. Being right is the nature and right itself of each human being. They hv knowledge to grounds it, and you seem to obtain a whole bunch of them. One of my teacher once said that young people can evoke knowledge and wisdom more than those who've been through years.
    I'd say If I want to acquire wisdom, it's def not from someone who says that we know nothing because of my age, gender, ect. Whether they're not meant harm.



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