Saturday, June 20, 2009

Comic Reference: Rocket Man

Cover of Rocket Man #1 (Japanese Tankoubon Version)

This is one of my current favorite manga (Japanese comic), Rocket Man by Motohiro Katou. I've just started reading it sort of 2 months ago. I picked it up because I really like Q.E.D. C.M.B. by the very same author. Both of them are mystery mangas, with low-profile yet unique main characters solving unexpected mysteries.

Rocket Man is a bit different. It's still a mystery, but with more espionage scents. The main character looks very lousy--a very ordinary shy 13 years old skinny boy named Mizunashi. The only thing special about him is his lost memories before he's 10 years old. Suddenly he met 'R'--a foreign guy who then revealed to be a spy from True Eyes. TE is an organization that even CIA can't stop. Its business is 'true information'.

Soon Mizunashi's world changed into sets of unexpected and staggering secret missions. Moreover, this lousy boy slowly discovered his awesome potentials!

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