Sunday, June 7, 2009


It’s been a long time since my last real post. The last three posts are just my old files. This is a new one. I want to write about so MANY things but I’ve been quiet “busy” with my job—translating a book. But sometimes I wasted my time doing something else like… sleeping duh -_- or watching television. Oh my dear priority…

Talking about priority, in the last 3 weeks I encountered some challenges about priority. I’d been in an internship for about 3 months when my boss (coordinator, actually, but yes she is my boss) asked me to choose—to continue my internship (and maybe start teaching on the next semester) or to focus on my future graduate study.

I wanted to stay there until my graduate study begin (which is more likely in Sep 2010), but she insisted that I had to choose. Okay then, it’s about priority. So I gave up on my internship. My deepest desire is to be able to study and learn constantly. Yeah, until I die. Somehow giving up on my internship means I can spend more time enriching myself with knowledges—yes, I can study (and play) more often. Ultimately, I don’t regret it at all.

Actually a week before the insident happened, I’d signed a contract to translate a book. The book is thicker than those I’ve had before. It’s a challenging work and the fee is worth the same. Moreover, by translating it, I can improve my english skill—especially vocabulary and reading (yes, my weakness in the last TOEFL test). Thus this job really fits me. Working and studying in the same time, I love it.

The problem is there were other jobs (another translation, internship, teaching). I sighed to my mother that I had too many things to do. Just the next day I found out that I had to give up on my internship. Wow! It was a direct answer from Allah (and I love You so much!). I could not give up on my other translation. I’d promised to my client to finish it, so I had to do it. This is also what it means by PRIORITY.

Don't forget that I’ve signed a contract to have classes twice a week during last month. I had to go to my students’ office which is very far from my lodging room—kind of wasting my time. However, I said I’ve signed a contract. I couldn’t just say goodbye. I had to wait until the contract is over. A few days ago I got offered to carry on 4 sessions more with higher price. But I said NO. I’d already decided which one is my priority—my translation job. I don’t want to disappoint this nice publisher.

It’s not even over yet. There was another translation selection from a prominent publisher (prominent yes—but not as nice as the publisher I’m currently working for). No, it’s not my priority. So I handed it over to two of my friends. I hope one of them will get it. This week I also received a call from my former student. She asked me whether I can teach her (or her friend, I’m not sure) again. No, it’s not my priority either. So I told her that I’ve already had a job. Then I handed it to my friend. In the very same week, my undergraduate lecture sent me a message. He said that his friend need his novel to be edited. Hmm… is it my priority? No, it’s not.

Of course I wanted to be greedy and took them all. But I know my capacity. I understand my priority. If I insisted to work on all of them, I would get nothing but chaos—disappointing many people. I believe that I’ve done the right things and have made the proper decisions. I hope I will be able to do even better in the future.

That’s what I’ve learned lately =D

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