Wednesday, August 12, 2009


"Cheadle stars as Samir Horn, a Sudan-born American who has gone to work for Muslim extremist groups, using his weapons expertise to help execute attacks all over the world. Charged with tracking him down is Roy Clayton (Guy Pearce), an FBI agent who, for some reason, is conducting an international investigation. He sends Samir to prison early in the film, but thanks to the help of his friend Omar (Said Taghmaoui) and some buddies on the outside, Samir escapes from the Yemen prison and starts planning a series of terrorist attacks that target Americans." (

There are 3 tags that made me yearn to watch this movie: terrorism, Muslim extremist groups, CIA. I mean, okay, so this should be a fascinating espionage thriller movie--my favorite! Actually, I was worried that this movie will lead people (esp. western) to misjudge Muslim community. But it turned out to be a fair story.

Samir Horn was a son of a very good Muslim, and Roy Clayton's father and grandfather were priests. Nobody speaks of any religion negatively. Even when Roy's friend started to make jokes about the Muslim extremist ("He's ready to go to heaven to see 72 angels."), the dashing Guy Pearce gave equal sample about Christian ("My neighbour burned himself with a cross... Seems like every religion have their own rituals.")

During the whole 100 minutes, we'd be given enlightenment about the real meaning of "good" and "bad". Samir was sticking to this. Even when he was convinced that he should not blaming himself for getting some people killed to save more lives, he still couldn't forgive himself.

Some said that the plot is interesting but weak. I prefer to call it "open". We can fill the holes with our opinions. There are many possibilities to think about. And I just like it this way.

Oh, and Guy Pearce is undoubtly hot.

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