Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let's Go to the Office!

Actually, I wrote it 8 hours ago.

I rarely go to my office, let alone going there for a meeting. But today is the day. They invited me to attend a meeting in which we will discuss the package and promotional strategies of a novel I translated, City of Bones.

I am so excited because I've been thinking about how to promote this novel. I think there's a big possibility that this novel would be the next hit after Stepehenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. Moreover, Meyer's subsequent saga is written for the young adults, not teenager, and hence we have a large audience waiting for something new for them!

The fact that my current project is out of my interest has also driven my eagerness toward this meeting. I wish my boss would give me popular novels more oftern, but I don't have the right to choose, I can only tell him about it. However, receiving any project is much better than not having any. So I just have to do my best.


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